Looking for an addiction therapist?

Just being here is a huge first step.

Welcome to The Pelican Practice. My name’s Daniel. I specialise in therapy and counselling for addiction of all kinds.

If you’re struggling with addiction, you’re likely feeling isolated, alienated from your true self, trapped in a cycle of craving and relief. But I promise you, if you want to change, there’s hope.

The road to recovery is long and difficult. But if you’re prepared to show up, do the work – even when it gets tough and scary – I’ll be right there with you, every step of the way.

What is addiction?

Whatever it looks like on the outside, addiction is always the same underneath: it’s a response to deep pain, trauma or disconnection you’re trying to soothe, numb or escape.

It might be alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs, gambling, sex, porn, food, exercise, shopping, gaming or social media. It can be any compulsive behaviour that’s causing damage to your health, relationships or finances.

Your ‘drug’ might feel like your best friend – your only friend. But you know in your heart that your life has tipped out of balance. Your ‘friend’ is causing pain and problems for you and the people you love.

What’s my path forward?

Addiction recovery requires a two-track approach:

A 12-step programme to ‘get sober’ – to change the addictive behaviour;
Therapy to treat the true cause of the addiction – the trauma or psychological issues underneath.

My role is the therapy part. If you don’t have a 12-step fellowship yet, I can help you find one. I can also refer you to rehabilitation if you need a period of residential care.

For therapy, I offer group and one-to-one sessions, online or in-person.

The first step is a free 15-minute call to see if we’re a good fit to work together – book online or email me to arrange this.

If you’re a family member, partner, friend or sponsor – we offer help for supporters too.

Am I ready for therapy?

The most important factor for your recovery is that you want to change.

you’re prepared for your life to become very different;

you’re committed to some hard work and sacrifice;

you’re doing it for yourself, not because someone is making you.

There are no shortcuts to recovery – no magic fix or miracle cure. But I can help you build the inner strength and resources to soothe, care for and depend on yourself – through recovery and beyond. I’ll walk with you shoulder to shoulder, supporting you to make the changes you need to make. We’ll do the work together, and we’ll get there.

Book a free 15-minute enquiry session.